Top 10 Restaurant Hashtags to Get Your Business Noticed!

  • January 10, 2017
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Social media and the use of hashtags are great methods for marketing your business.

By using the proper restaurant hashtags and showing photos of your cuisine on Instagram, you are advertising the quality of your product.

Hashtags are a great way to bring in a larger audience for your business. Hashtags are certain keywords that individuals post in addition to their photos, and are easily reached by anyone through a keyword search tool. By using hashtags, you indicate relevant information to the application. This, in turn, helps people searching for certain keywords to come across your business’s photos.

In addition, by searching for hashtags your own company can locate similar accounts and develop relationships with them. Alternatively, by searching certain hashtags, your business can find out further information on competitors. There are many pros to being more active on Instagram for your business, as well as creating #hashtags underneath your Instagram posts!

Do you find yourself stumped when deciding on a hashtag for your restaurant’s business Instagram post? Below is a list of 10 great hashtags to get your business noticed! Just post these underneath your photos and watch your clientele grow.

  1. #photooftheday
  2. #loveit
  3. #selfie
  4. #healthyliving
  5. #nutritious
  6. #freshfoods
  7. #food
  8. #healthydinner
  9. #cleaneats
  10. #food

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