Logo Mats For Your Business

Our most popular mat service over the last two years has been our logo mats! Let us display your company logo on custom logo mats that you can proudly place at the front door of your business. At Superior Linen Service, our clients can choose from twenty-five different colors and several standard sizes. Customers love logos just as much as business owners do! What better place to showcase your logo in your building than on your welcome mat?

Did you know that 65% of people look at the floor while they walk? Logo mats can not only make your business look professional and welcoming, but they are an additional way to leave your company logo fresh in your client’s mind and are a great advertising tool!


Logo Mats are a very popular item amongst our customers because they allow you to display your company logo on a custom mat that you can proudly place at the front door of your business.  We offer countless combinations of vibrant colors for you to chose from which is sure to catch your visitors’ eyes. Our mats also come in several standard sizes to accommodate any area space.

Let us create that eye-catching essence your business needs! Time is money and you’ve dedicated both to carefully designing and creating your logo. Why not put it to good use and implement it on as many items as possible? Our logo mats are a great place to start!

Logo Mats With Superior Linen Service

At Superior Linen Service we make sure all of our mats are made of the best quality materials to ensure they are durable even in high traffic situations. We also ensure that our mats are slip resistant so that your employees and customers are protected again slip and falls. Contact Superior Linen Service today to learn more about our logo mats.

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