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Uniforms represent the business itself.

It is that image that customers grow accustomed to.Superior Linen will capture the essence of your business ethic and professionalism; transferring it directly into your uniforms. With our Superior Tracking system, all of your soiled garments are scanned into our facility before they are laundered. This ensures that an accurate inventory is taken and more importantly, returned to you. After the garments are professionally laundered, the clean garments are then rescanned and counted to ensure the clean inventory accurately matches the soiled inventory previously taken – to complete the tracking process. This process not only guarantees accuracy, it also allows our Account Representatives to analyze your usage patterns – pertinent information which can potentially save on overhead costs.

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What Type of Uniform Do You Need?

Superior Linen offers a full line of uniforms which can be customized with your business name and logo! Whether you are in the medical field, the busy restaurant industry or around the revolving door of the hotel industry – we understand your needs. Our uniforms express your crisp business image while keeping your staff comfortable and flexible. Our uniform line includes but is never limited to:

  • Chef Apparel
  • Scrubs
  • Kitchen Uniforms
  • Patient Gowns
  • Medical Lab Coats
  • Standard Uniforms & Jumpsuits

We even carry a professional Polo shirt line! Our shirts and uniforms can be customized with your company name and logo – adding that special touch to your image appeal! We’re confident that you’ll find exactly what your company needs in our catalog! Click Here to browse.

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