Linens play one of the most crucial roles in a restaurant business – whether it’s in the dining area or the kitchen.

Why take a chance on mediocre linens for your business when you can get the best quality in the quantity that serves even your most demanding needs? Superior Linen Service is the leading restaurant linen service provider in the area.

Each linen that leaves our facility is processed using our top-of-the-line equipment, designed to meet your highest standards. We make sure that all of our products – big or small – come to you looking and smelling clean, ready to dazzle your diners. We have a wide range of linens, perfect for all your restaurant’s needs, from table linens to napkins to various types of towels:


Dress up your dining tables with special high-quality table linens! Our tablecloths are available in 18 different colors and a variety of sizes to suit your restaurant’s specific needs. With Superior Linen’s tablecloths, you can rest assured that your tables are dressed to the nines and ready to impress even your most critical diners.


Treat your diners to a five-star experience at every meal with Superior Linen’s table napkins! Our cloth napkins are luxurious and exquisite, perfect for when you want to give your diners a dining experience that will make them come back over and over again. Our Superior napkins come in 24 different colors and one quality: the highest.

Towels and Aprons

Leave every spot and every dish sparklingly clean with our line of specialty restaurant towels. They come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs – from stoves to dishes to bar surfaces. And don’t forget to stock up on aprons for your servers and kitchen staff.

Get a restaurant linen service that makes a difference for your business!

Superior Linen Service has over 85 years of experience in the industry, working with top restaurants and caterers in the area to get them the restaurant linen service they need. We don’t just deliver linens. We work to help you bring out the best in your brand and grow your business.

Explore the possibilities and endless opportunities in store for your business with the help of our restaurant linen service! Contact us at 253-383-2636 today.

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