Healthcare Scrubs

Let’s face it – in the medical field, you are on your feet all day, moving in all directions trying to keep up with the routinely hectic environment. We understand the important role your work attire plays on your productivity – allow us to help you! Superior Linen Service can provide your medical facility or emergency clinic with the medical uniforms they need in a variety of colors and styles! Our scrubs provide plenty of breathing for our medical clientele, keeping them as comfortable as possible to keep up with their hectic work schedules.


Why should you sacrifice expressing your creativity for a job uniform? Superior Linen offers a full catalog of different options that allow you to showcase your individual personality – adding a positive attitude to the work environment around you. Have you ever walked into a hospital or doctors office, extremely nervous for your procedure? Think hard for a minute. Isn’t it usually the nurses and office staff who reassure you? We believe that custom scrubs have a sort of calming advantage over patients. Our scrubs line gives you the opportunity to maintain this reassurance for your patients by providing an array of custom designs and styles.

Superior Linen Offers Options

Our scrubs come in many different styles and options in order to best suit the individual employee and facility. The different styles we offer are:

  • Tops with and without Pockets
  • V-Necks
  • Colors
  • Designs

Superior Linen Service has everything you need in our diverse product catalog. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and on our assortment of healthcare uniforms and products. Contact us today at Superior Linen Service to learn more about our scrubs services and get started! Call 253-383- 2636 for a free quote on our scrubs services.

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