Healthcare Supplies

Along with our different medical uniform choices, we can fully satisfy all of your facilities needs for healthcare supplies. Our catalog of products covers you with everything from different types of cloth toweling for lining trays to a full inventory of blankets, bed sheets, paper products and sanitary products. Who has time to keep up with supply inventory when they are busy saving lives? Medical professionals have enough on their plate! Superior Linen Service understands how busy medical professionals are and we are always adding new products to our catalog to ensure we can accommodate all of your healthcare facility’s supply needs. Keep your employees occupied with what really matters instead of having them tend to your healthcare facility’s laundry.


Our healthcare supplies are made of the best quality materials to ensure that patients are always receiving the most comfortable level of care. Our blankets and sheets are always sanitized to OSHA regulations and standards, ensuring that your healthcare supplies are properly sanitized every time. Our products also come in multiple sizes to ensure that we have items to fit any facility.

Superior Linen Service Healthcare Supplies

Our sales and service team would be happy to talk extensively about the supplies we can offer you, and will be able to assist in finding the perfect products for your business! If there is anything specific you are looking for, please feel free to ask us. We take care of our clients! Our job doesn’t stop at providing you with high quality products that are vital to your facility, we even track your usage patterns to ensure you never run out of anything!

Contact one of our representatives today at 253-383- 2636 to learn more about our healthcare supplies services.

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