Uniform Services

Uniforms represent the business itself. It is the image that distinguishes your employees and leaves an impression on your customers. Superior Linen Service guarantees that our uniform services will capture and reflect the essence of your business.


Superior Linen Service monitors all of the garments that enter our facilities with our professional tracking system. We scan all garments into our facility prior to laundering them. This ensures that an accurate inventory of your garments and linens. Most importantly, this ensures the accurate return of garments and linens. We then rescan and count all garments after laundering them. This process reaffirms the inventory levels for each of our customers. This tracking system will guarantee accountability for all linen and uniform products. This process not only guarantees accuracy, but allows our Account Representatives to analyze usage patterns – pertinent information which can potentially save on your overhead costs.

What Type of Uniform Do You Need?

Superior Linen Service offers a full line of uniforms, which can be customized with your business name and logo! Whether you are in the medical field, food and beverage industry, or around the revolving door of the hospitality and hotel industry – we understand your needs. Our uniforms express your crisp business image while keeping your staff comfortable and looking professional. We combine high quality with immense luxury in our uniform service and product line. Our uniform line includes, but is never limited to:

We even have a professional polo shirt line! To find out more about the styles of uniforms we can offer you, please give us a call at 253-383- 2636. We would be happy to help choose the best uniforms for your business. Our qualified sales representatives are available to assist you in providing you with a free quote on a new uniform service!

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