Our message mats come in a variety of sizes and styles which are sure to appeal to any corner of your facility.  Superior Linen offers the three basic message mats as well as customized messages. Whether you are looking to use mats to safeguard your facility or just add that personal welcome touch, we can help!


Superior Linen understands the 3 important messages you want to relay to each and every client that walks through your door. It is imperative that they feel welcome and comfortable in your facility. You want them to understand that they can count on you for all of their needs. Lastly, you never want them to doubt that you offer nothing but high quality goods and services! We can provide you message mats that portray all of these factors in three conveniently sized mats!

Each mat size has many different messages that could be delivered to your business.  They are ideal for entrances, hallways, production areas, restrooms, breakrooms, offices, lobbies & workstations. Each section of your facility drives its own traffic and creates its own aura within your facility. Allow our message mats to accurately portray such messages to your patients and clients. It is no secret that some patients become overly frantic and nervous when it comes time to see the doctor. Our simple message mats can ease some of that fear while making your office look more professional and welcoming!

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