Counter coats that are comfortable, professional-looking, and consistently clean make every shift a good one. The only way to ensure quality counter coats is with quality counter coat service. For that, Superior Linen is the ideal partner. 

Leave mediocre counter coat rental service in the dust with Superior Linen! Get better service and better results only from Superior Linen Service

Our uniform rental service gives you all the advantage of product quality and excellent service:

Exceptional Durability for Long-Lasting, Everyday Use

The daily demands of everyday business have nothing on our uniform selection. They have excellent stain-release properties for lasting appearance and premium-quality fabrics. They also feature top-notch construction for superior durability.

Comfortable and Functional Counter Coats

Long days and tough shifts take a toll. That’s why our uniforms are designed with the wearer in mind. They feature excellent fit, breathable fabric, and a functional design for maximum comfort no matter the situation.

Excellent Maintenance by Superior Linen

No matter whether your uniforms are for retail, medical, pharmaceutical, or industrial purposes, Superior Linen will keep them in their cleanest, best, and most effective condition! With our high-end laundry facility, a team of in-house experts, and reliable laundry procedures, we ensure cleanliness and protection against wear and tear unlike any other.

Superior Linen Provides Superior Counter Coats

Big business. Small business. Busy facility. Relaxed facility. It does not matter what kind of business you are running. If you’re after excellent, dependable counter coat service and superior results at every delivery, only Superior Linen makes the cut.

We have the expertise and experience to give you the cleanliness and product quality that works for you. Our technical superiority is driven further by our constant need to do excellently in everything that we do. Our pursuit for perfection and our technical advantage is all the assurance you need that you’re working with a company that stops at nothing to exceed your highest standards.

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