Linen napkins never go out of style. Upgrade your restaurant’s look or simply switch to a new look for the season with the right selection of napkin rentals from Superior Linen Service!

Superior Linen boasts of the finest array of napkins to choose from, maintained in a quality fit for the grandest restaurants.

Superior Quality Napkins and Napkin Rentals

Give your restaurant diners VIP treatment with the simple addition of Superior Linen’s napkin rentals:

  • A wide range of colors to choose from to suit your existing aesthetics or match your seasonal design themes
  • Made of the finest materials that can be styled into everything from the simplest napkin fold to the most extravagant of designs
  • Fabric made of superior quality so they are as functional as they are beautiful

The Superior Choice for Restaurant Linen Services

When it comes to your restaurant’s needs, the average result is never good enough. What your business deserves is the kind of service that targets and addresses your specific needs and creates solutions tailored to your business. With Superior, you get all that and more: the excellent quality that you can only get from a company that has our legacy and expertise.

Superior product quality.

We employ the highest standards in selecting which products go into our catalogs and are delivered to your doorsteps. You can rest assured that we maintain strict quality control protocols in regards to material, construction, and most of all maintenance so you and your diners get nothing short of the excellent quality you want your brand to be known for.  

State-of-the-art maintenance technology

Superior Linen prides itself on the quality and innovativeness of our laundry facility. We use modern technology in every phase of operations to ensure that services are delivered efficiently, flawlessly, and in the best quality.

Personalized service

Superior Linen believes there are no shortcuts or cookie-cutter solutions to your restaurant linen service needs. So, we work around your company’s specific needs with thorough consultation and the kind of instincts that only a linen service with our depth and range of industry experience could possess.

Superior tracking

We value your trust and our integrity, which is why we have invested in the use of high-end tracking technology in our processes to completely eliminate the risks of linen loss as well as ensure that your invoices come on-time and are accurate.  

Many have come to challenge our supremacy but none have succeeded in beating out the quality and excellence that Superior Linen Service offers – and our over ninety years and five generations of successful work in the industry is proof of that.

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