Sew What? 3 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Embroidery

  • October 03, 2017
  • Linen
  • Superior Linen
Want to add a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your business aesthetic?

Custom embroidery is the tailor-made touch-up your work uniforms need. Here’s why you need to get onboard with it for your business.

1. Custom embroidery creates a more sophisticated image

High-quality custom embroidery gives your business an air of sophistication. It sends the message that your company doesn’t scrimp on anything in the name of quality. Custom embroidery takes a regular work shirt or cap several notches higher in the aesthetics department. It gives you the look of the business that has finer taste.

2. Custom embroidery lasts longer than low-cost printed logos

Compared to regular printed logos on uniforms and business apparel, well-embroidered logos don’t fade or chip. With proper maintenance, high-quality custom embroidery work lasts several years more than their screen or heat-printed counterparts. That’s value for your money right there.

3. Custom embroidery sets your company apart

Logos set your business apart from competitors. Custom embroidery will give your company a unique, high-quality appeal that serves as a demarcation line between you and your competitor. It makes you look like the better option. Custom embroidery isn’t something that everyone invests in. With custom-embroidered uniforms, your employees will outshine your competitor’s employees every time. Appearances are everything. You can’t beat a professional, high-quality look.

Dress for success!

Your logos and logo design can only take you so far. So, elevate your aesthetics, image and branding with custom embroidery. Superior Linen uses premier technology and only the highest-quality materials in our custom embroidery services. Not only will your team look cohesive, but the extra advertising doesn’t hurt either. With Superior Linen, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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