3 Reasons Our Customers Love Us

  • June 01, 2019
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reasons our customers love us

Business is about more than just a transaction of goods and services. At least, it should be. We believe that the best business relationship isn’t just built on goods and services, but also on trust, mutual respect and true partnership.

When your business grows, we grow with you. Why wouldn’t we do everything we can to help you succeed, no matter what?

Here are just a few reasons that our customers choose to work with us:

1. We take care of our clients.

We work hard to make sure that our customers feel valued and that all of their needs are filled. We understand that sometimes circumstances are out of our customer’s control, and we try to rise to the occasion to support our business partners. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what just a few of our customers have to say:

[Superior Linen Service has] a unique way of making you feel as though you are their most valued client and go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need.” – The Metropolitan Grill

“The service department gives us personal attention, anytime we call with a request; it is taken care of within hours.” – Carol Milgard Breast Center

2. We’re always trying to improve.

Even though we were founded back in 1926, we haven’t let ourselves get stuck in the past. Superior Linen Service is a company that’s continually pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be. That’s why we’ve developed our Superior Tracking System, which utilizes barcodes and RFID technology to track your products throughout our facility, helping to eliminate losses and shortages. Our tracking system logs the number of repairs and replacements for each item and the amount of times it’s been laundered, recording the entire lifespan so that we can create accurate usage reports for you. Our reports allow you to assess your linen needs on a regular basis, making corrections and further customizing our linen services to your business.

3. We offer a wide variety of items and customization options to meet your specific needs.

No matter what your business requires, Superior Linen Service is here to support you with the products and services that you need. We offer a range of options for the healthcare and hospitality industries, as well as uniforms, floor mats and facility services that can be utilized for any industry.

We design each of our programs around your needs. You get to choose your linen, mat and uniform style so you get the exact look that you’re going for. If you choose uniforms from Superior Linen Service, we provide individual fittings for each employee so that your company always looks sharp.

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