Dressed and Distressed: Patient Dignity and the Hospital Gown

  • February 01, 2018
  • Healthcare
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patient dignity

Imagine being physically examined by strangers while dressed in a thin, low-quality garment that doesn’t fully close at the back. While this sounds like everyone’s worst nightmare, it’s the reality that patients experience in medical facilities all around the world.

Many patients face a loss of dignity, privacy and control when they enter a medical facility. They no longer have autonomy over where they sleep, where they eat, how they spend their time, or even what they wear. Even though medical facilities are designed to help people, a hospital stay can be a terrifying and dehumanizing experience. Especially while wearing a garment that affords little patient dignity or privacy.

Trends in Patient Apparel

trends in patient apparel

As a result, many medical professionals are pushing for better patient apparel options. From redesigning patient gowns to even letting patients wear pants, there’s an overall push for more comfortable and dignified patient clothing.

However, allowing patients to wear their own clothes or gowns with more coverage may not be options if medical professionals need easy access in order to provide care. A piece of fabric should never get in the way of a patient’s life, but in a profession where every second counts, layers of cloth could be considered a liability.

So how can we resolve this issue? Is there a way to afford patient dignity while also providing the best possible care?

Higher-quality patient gowns improve the patient experience while also freeing up medical professionals to do their job.

For a medical facility with a great deal of expenses, skimping on patient gowns might seem like a wise choice. But there’s a clear and direct correlation between an individual’s happiness and the clothes that they wear. Providing excellent healthcare isn’t just about making sure your patients are physically healthy. It’s also about making the entire experience as healthy as possible – both mentally and physically. Medical facilities need to be on the right side of this trend in patient apparel. Despite the upfront costs, quality patient apparel pays off in the long run.

That’s why Superior Linen Service only offers the best in patient apparel. We provide quality items cleaned in accordance with rigorous standards.

Our healthcare supplies are made of the best quality materials to ensure that patients are always receiving the most comfortable level of care. Our blankets and sheets are always sanitized to OSHA regulations and standards, ensuring that your healthcare supplies are hygienic every time. Our products also come in multiple sizes to ensure that we have items to fit any facility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide quality patient gowns and other healthcare linens for your facility.

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