Looking for top-notch linen services in University Place, WA? Look no further than Superior Linen Service. With a legacy spanning nearly a century, we pride ourselves on offering tailored products and services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Superior Linen?

For dependable linen services in University Place, Superior Linen Service emerges as the top choice. Our longstanding history of timely and consistent service, complemented by exceptional customer support, attests to our esteemed reputation. We possess the know-how and resources to provide individualized solutions designed for your specific needs.

Direct Sales

Not only does Superior Linen Service offer leading hand hygiene products, uniforms, and paper goods, but we also emphasize prompt and efficient delivery services to ensure your business operates seamlessly.

Floor Mats

To maintain pristine and secure floors, Superior Linen Service offers a wide range of premium floor mats. Our diverse collection ensures that you will discover the perfect mat tailored to your needs.


Elevate your linen services in University Place without straining your finances. We supply linens and garments that meet stringent cleanliness and safety protocols, making us an ideal partner for businesses in the food service industry.


For your healthcare linen needs, trust Superior Linen Service. Our impeccable standards for cleanliness, rigorous hygiene practices, and fast services set us apart. Rely on us for comprehensive healthcare linen and laundry solutions.


Utilize Superior Linen Service’s expert embroidery services to add a touch of sophistication to your linens and garments. Our meticulous craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art customization tools ensures outstanding results for your custom clothing needs.

Reach Out to Superior Linen!

In the sphere of linen services in University Place, Superior Linen Service shines brightly due to unmatched service, high-quality products, and unparalleled customer care. Our dedicated team and advanced laundry facility deliver a customer journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Committed to surpassing our competitors, we’re here for both one-time and ongoing laundry needs. For any questions or to get a pricing quote, reach out at (253) 383-2636 today!