If you’re looking for hospitality or healthcare linen services in Federal Way, look no further than Superior Linen Service. For all your Federal Way uniform, facility service, and mat needs, Superior Linen Service is the premier option. 

Why Choose Superior Linen? 

Your needs are unique, and you need a uniform and linen provider who respects that. Whether it’s restaurant uniforms or linens, healthcare supplies and scrubs, floor mats, or restroom supply, Superior Linen has you covered. 

Time Tested and Family Owned

If you appreciate time-tested company values and family ownership, you’re in the right place. We’ve been in the laundry industry for over 90 years. In those 90 years, we’ve never lost sight of what really matters: you, our customer. 

We’re not some large, corporatized conglomerate. We’re firmly rooted in our home of  Tacoma, WA, where five generations of Hersheys have kept our values strong and our business close. 

Customer Service Orientation

Superior Linen Service knows that reliability, timeliness, and responsiveness are necessary for customer satisfaction. 

We know that If you don’t have your uniforms or linens when you need them, that could be disastrous for your business. You need a service provider who knows the stakes and will see them through every time, on time. And, if something is wrong with your order, you’ll be able to reach us. The last thing we’ll do is leave you stranded without options.

Superior Linen Service is Your Local Linen and Uniform Partner 

You’re looking for a reliable uniform, linen, or facility service provider. Superior is here to provide it. Read some testimonials, ask about a free quote, or call us at 253-383-2636. More than anything, make sure you’re working with a provider who knows the industry, the importance of your needs, and how to fulfill them. 

Take a chance with someone else, or go with the sure thing. Go with Superior Linen Service today. 

Unsurpassable service since 1926!