Say goodbye to mediocrity. For your Bothell, WA commercial linen and uniform services, trust the company that has a track record for success and reliability that spans nearly one hundred years – Superior Linen Service!

Top-Notch Services

Direct Sales

For superior quality hand hygiene products, uniforms, and paper products for your business, call Superior Linen Service! We’ll deliver with the same assurance of efficiency and ease as we do all of our other high-quality services.

Floor Mats

Keep your floors cleaner and safer with higher-quality floor mats and better floor mat care only from Superior Linen. We have a wide range of floor mats to choose from including message mats, safety mats, and restroom mats.  


Upgrade quality, not the cost of your Bothell, WA hospitality linen services with Superior Linen! We specialize in linens and garments for the food service industry, hitting targets for cleanliness and safety.


When it comes to healthcare linens, leave nothing uncertain. Superior Linen Service’s proven track record in cleanliness, hygiene standards compliance, and service efficiency offer the level of security your facility needs in the supply and upkeep of your healthcare linens and laundry service needs.


Step up your linens and garments with high-quality embroidery work from Superior Linen Service. We combine top-notch customization technology with our keen sense of detail and design to bring you the best results for your custom linens and garments.

Superior Linen has Your Facility Covered

Your business deserves better service, better products, and better customer support. We’re the Bothell, WA commercial linen service expert that can bring you that – and more. As we near our company’s centennial, our resolve is stronger than ever. We are your best choice for your commercial linen and laundry service needs this side of Washington.

With our time-honed expertise, our committed team of linen care specialists, and our ever-improving modern laundry facility, Superior Linen Service ensures satisfaction and an experience that’s better than the best out there!  

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