Is Your Current Linen Service Causing Problems?

  • March 22, 2022
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Is your linen service provider still meeting your needs?

Businesses turn to professional linen service for the convenience and efficiency it adds to linen management. But what if your linen service is bringing you more disadvantages than benefits? It’s time to take a look at your current linen service and see if it’s weighing your business down.

Here’s How to Tell if Your Linen Service Provider is Weighing You Down

Here are signs that your current linen service no longer serves its purpose of helping ease your linen management burdens:

Are You Dissatisfied with the Quality or Cleanliness of Your Linens?

Commercial linen usage depends greatly on their cleanliness and quality. This is especially true for hospitality and healthcare linens. Failing to meet quality and hygiene standards can set you back on time and unnecessary relaundering or replacement costs. Worse, it puts your employees, patients/customers, and your entire reputation and operations on the line.

Are Your Deliveries Frequently Late and/or Inaccurate?

Frequent delays in your uniform and linen deliveries can also weigh your business operations down. It can lead to a domino effect impacting every stage of the process. Ultimately, it can result in a decline in the quality of service that you deliver.

Are You Experiencing Inconsistencies in Your Invoicing?

Integrity is the most important element in any outsourcing service. After all, you are entrusting an entire segment of your business operations to a third-party service provider. Next to delivering quality service, your linen service provider should also commit to full transparency and integrity in invoicing. Any surprise fees and hidden charges should always be taken as a sign of unreliability. That, and you’re most likely overpaying for the service you’re getting in this case.

Are You Losing Too Many Linens During the Handling Process?

Linen loss is one of the most pertinent issues for businesses that depend on linens for day-to-day operations. It costs the US healthcare industry nearly $1 billion a year alone! And, like delays in deliveries, it can lead to linen shortages in your facility. And this issue can not only derail your operations and impact customer/patient experience. It can even set you back on replacement costs.

The Superior Solutions for Your Medical Linen Management Needs

You cannot effectively run your business with an unreliable linen service provider. If you are experiencing any of the problems we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to switch to the superior choice in Washington linen service: Superior Linen Service!

Superior Linen Service has all the hallmarks of a truly dependable linen service expert. We offer:

  • Dependable Handling from Start to Finish. Our service process is founded on more than 95 years of industry experience. This means everything in your inventory is exactly where it needs to be and is tracked closely. Our advanced tracking system safeguards your inventory from costly losses. It also ensures the accuracy of your invoices, as the system keeps a record of every item through different stages in our process.
  • On-Time Services, Every Single Time. We ensure full efficiency in our linen handling process. This is your best assurance for on-time pickups and deliveries with zero interruptions to your operations.
  • Expert Linen and Uniform Maintenance Our high-tech laundry system and team of experts work extra hard in ensuring the cleanliness and quality of each item in your inventory. You can always trust in the safety and quality of even your most crucial items.
  • Unparalleled Integrity. We continue to be the leading choice for Washington linen service because of our unmatched commitment to integrity. We understand that our reputation and longevity are built on trust and we intend to keep it that way. You can expect transparency and integrity in every transaction.

Contact Us Today!

Superior Linen Service is your best and only choice for linen service that keeps your business moving forward. And there’s no better time than now to sign up! Call us today at 253-383-2636 to speak with a member of our team who can set up your account or walk you through your options.

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