Why Do Chefs Wear White?

  • April 01, 2018
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why do chefs wear white

If there are a vast array of colors available for chef’s uniforms, why do chefs wear white uniforms then? Wouldn’t white fail to cover up any stains, making the chef look sloppy and unprofessional?

In your search for the perfect chef’s uniform, an elegant white double-breasted coat might come to mind. Or maybe during your most recent visit to a restaurant, you saw the chefs wearing non-traditional colored uniforms. This may leave you asking if the color of the uniform even really matters or what goes behind selecting a color for your chef’s apparel.

If White Shows Stains, Why Do Chefs Wear White?

The classic white uniform of a chef is not a selection based on personal taste or preference. This color choice is actually quite practical and functional.

This is because:

White Chef’s Uniforms Show Stains

You read that correctly. While this may at first seem like a negative quality, this function is actually incredibly important as it holds chefs accountable. Food spills on chef coats can create issues with cross-contamination. The fact that no one wants to see a stain on a uniform goes to show the importance of not hiding the stains, but to avoid getting stains altogether. By wearing a white uniform, the chef shows they have nothing to hide.

These Uniforms Are More Professional

One of the ideas behind a white chef’s uniform is not only that a chef should change their uniform if they spill food on it, but that a truly professional chef would not spill on their uniform at all. The white uniform symbolizes their professionalism and tidiness in the kitchen.

White Reflects Heat

There is no doubt that chefs have to deal with the excessive heat of the kitchen. Because of this, what your chefs wear is essential to their comfort during their long hours in the heat. Therefore, a uniform that is breathable is a necessity. White naturally reflects heat instead of trapping it, helping chefs stay cool while they cook.

Where You Can Get White Chef’s Uniforms

White chef’s uniforms identify the best of the best among chefs, prevent cross-contamination in food, and protect chefs from the elements of the kitchen. Therefore, they are not just a choice of color palette but can be representative of your restaurant’s professionalism.

But keeping those uniforms white and in mint condition can be hard work, especially with the potential of food spills and burns in the kitchen. Instead of hoping for the best when throwing your chef coats into the wash with bleach, work with a linen rental company that understands the demands of the restaurant industry.

At Superior Linen Service, our apparel is both professional and affordable. And not only do we supply high-quality chef uniforms for your kitchen staff, but we have everything you need for your front-of-the-house employees, including aprons and wait staff uniforms.

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