What Determines Linen Quality?

  • June 22, 2020
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Quality Linen

When you’re in the business of comfort, care, and hospitality, quality linen makes all the difference. Poor quality linens could break the difference between good service and bad.

It’s natural to want the best: especially if it’s the fabrics that your customers will be interacting with. After all, no one spends money on poor-quality linens on purpose. Especially not if your business and reputation are what hangs in the balance.

But what does “quality” really mean? What makes linens good or bad? And how do you know the difference? What determines linen quality?

What Quality Linen Means

Quality has many different faces. When it comes to what makes commercial linens “quality”, however, there are a couple of things we can all agree on: 


High-quality linens need to be durable. This is especially important for linens meant for commercial use as they require more frequent use and therefore, frequent and heavy laundering. For instance, hotels and hospitals use cotton-synthetic linen blends because cotton is comfortable while synthetic fibers make linens sturdier.


While aesthetic quality is more subjective than not, there exists a “standard look” for higher-quality linens. Higher-quality linens are opaque as opposed to flimsy and gauzy. The lines and edges look smooth and free from stains. Colored linens should have a rich, even color with no signs of fading or discoloration on any part of the linen.

Texture and Feel

One good standard for linen quality is the tightness of the weave. Tighter weaves mean the texture is even and smooth, with fewer “pores” or gaps in between. Tighter weaves are almost always the defining mark of higher thread count linens, and therefore feel softer with less snag to the skin. The fibers on your fabric should be almost invisible.


There are a few things more unsightly than loose fibers and threads on a bedsheet. It is a telltale sign of neglect, poor quality, or both. In high-quality linens, the edges and seams are stitched in tight, smooth, even linens. You should not be able to spot any hanging bits. 

Why You Need Quality Linens

Leaving favorable impressions on your guests is a crucial reason for investing in high-quality linens, but it goes beyond that. Getting quality linens also means getting the most out of your money. For this reason, quality linen purchases almost always yield more long-term savings than their low-quality alternatives. Additionally, because they are longer-lasting, having quality linens allows you to spend resources on other areas of your business. 

Get Quality Linens From Superior Linen!

High-quality linen services used to only be available in high-end textile retailers at prices that wouldn’t make sense for commercial use. Not anymore! Not with Superior Linen’s services!  We bring high-quality materials to your business, so you can bring in the customers. Superior Linen Service has a wide selection of high-quality linens for the hospitality, restaurant, and healthcare industries.

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