The Importance of High-Quality Linens for Your Restaurant

  • December 12, 2019
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Having high-quality linens for your restaurant is vital to your customers’ experience, your restaurant’s protection, and your bottom-line. The answer to why you should have high-quality linens in your restaurant is simple: quality makes money. 

Here’s how:

High Quality Linens Improve Customer Experience

Few things can dampen a dining experience before it begins like cheap tablecloths or napkins. Anybody who’s sat down to cheap materials can attest to how easily that low-quality is perceived. While it generally isn’t a dealbreaker to find inexpensive linens at the table, it is suspect. “If the tablecloth and napkins are this cheap,” your customers might think, “what else is?”

The dining experience is almost entirely subjective (to a point). As a result, the main attraction, the food isn’t the only factor shaping customer experience. Unless your establishment has a “hole-in-the-wall” aesthetic, customers will have expectations. Without that, cheap linens will be an unwelcome surprise, and that’s a problem. 

When cheap linens are a surprise, your customer’s mindset shifts from excited to suspicious. If your customers have already started persuading themselves that there’s something to watch out for, before the food comes out, that’s an uphill climb.

High Quality Linens Protect Your Restaurant and Customers

Your floors and tables are much harder to replace than the tablecloths. High-quality tablecloths, napkins, and towels offer much more protection from any staining or damaging possibility. 


All cheap tablecloths have similar qualities, and one of those qualities is low absorbency. Thinking of everything that falls on a tablecloth: drinks, sauces, syrups, it’s clear that your tables and people need quality protection. If you chose a cheap tablecloth, you get 100% table protection, as polyester is water proof. But where is that spill going if not into the tablecloth? Into your customer’s laps is where. 

If a full glass of wine spills, your diners will have no time to get out of the way. A high-quality tablecloth will absorb and slow the liquid. It might even keep it from reaching the edge of the table. That saves the floors, potential clean-up time, and possible dry-cleaning expenses. 


Towel quality is also an important factor in restaurant efficiency. If the bar towels, glass towels, or microfiber towels are of inferior quality, they’re less absorbent, take longer to dry, and are prone to streaking. If your mirrors start looking a little foggy or if your glassware doesn’t shine like you think it should, it might be your towels! 

Glass and mirror clarity are details that get lost in the shuffle of business, but they’re not lost on clients. Small things make up the big picture, and that’s how your customer will remember their visit. If their glass has a smudge on it, or the bathroom mirror is streaky, it could be a defining moment. Don’t let low towel quality keep the best possible memory from happening. 

High Quality Linens Improve Your Bottom Line

Not only do high quality linens improve customer experience and protect your restaurant, they make money. 

It can’t be right–using the expensive material and making more money. Doesn’t make sense.

Normally, that’d be correct, but when you get your high-quality table linens from Superior Linen, it is. Through reasonable pricing and our high-quality standard, Superior Linen is always the superior choice. 

Contact Superior Linen for Your Restaurant Linen Needs

With Superior Linen, you’re not only getting quality materials every time, but you’re also getting a business partner you can count on. To get started with our service, call  253-383-2636 or visit our website for more information. 

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