The Best Napkin and Tablecloth Combinations

  • February 14, 2023
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The Best Napkin and Tablecloth Combinations

Looking to dress up your restaurant tables? Planning the look of your tables can be quite a task! We’ve rounded up a couple of the best napkin and tablecloth combinations that would go well for both casual and elegant looks.

Napkin and Tablecloth Combinations from Superior Linen Service

Take a pick between these theme suggestions and find the ones that suit your aesthetic best:

Pastel Picks

For a soft but colorful look to your tables, pastel combinations are your best options. Pair up your Ivory linens with Pink, Tangerine, Violet, or Dusty Rose.

Minimalist Monochromes

Looking for a clean and seamless look? Jump on the minimalist train and go with monochromes! Pair up your tablecloths with napkins of the same color and break up the monotony with accents like runners and centerpieces of a contrasting hue. Additionally, you can also use colors in the same family like Pink and Dusty Rose, Purple and Violet, Yellow and Ivory/Rose, or Teal and Seafoam.

Dark and Classy

They can be romantic, mysterious, or just classic; no matter how you style them, you can never go wrong with dark themes. Pair up an elegant Purple or Navy with Sandalwood or Tangerine, maybe even classic White or go for your dark reds with a Burgundy base with Dusty Rose, Rust, or Ivory napkins.

Bright and Warm Summer Tones

Brighten up any room and channel the tropics with color combinations inspired by sunshine and summer. Think of color combinations like a Gold tablecloth base with a mild napkin layer like Ivory or White. Additionally, you may also wish to amp up the warmth with a Red and Yellow combination.

Cool Hues

Keep your tables looking calm, clean, and modern with tablecloth and napkin combinations in cool hues. Light Blue tablecloths with Seafoam or Gray napkins or Cadet Blue with Violet are your best options.

Bold Contrasts

Are you looking for something edgy? Go for bold contrasts! They can brighten up any room and make your decor stand out. Popular combinations for this look include Black and Pink, Black and White, Navy and Yellow, Red and Cadet Blue, and Brown and Gold.

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