Superior Earns Clean Green Certification!

  • April 01, 2019
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clean green certification

Superior Linen is certified clean and green! The first quarter of the new year is barely over but we are already reaching a new milestone.

It’s true, you read that right: Superior Linen Service has received the Clean Green certification from the TRSA!

What is the Clean Green certification?

The TRSA Clean Green Certification is an industry-recognized certification awarded to select laundry facilities that pass strict qualifications for eco-friendly processes.  

These qualifications include efficiency in water use and treatment, proper solid waste disposal, recycling programs, fuel-efficient delivery routes, and the use of environmentally-friendly detergents.

What Our Clean Green Certification Means

Out TRSA Clean Green certification means that:

  • Superior Linen has been proactive in our efforts to save on water consumption during our laundry process.
  • Superior Linen has a safe and effective water treatment and recycling system in place to maximize the life cycle of the water we use.
  • We have minimized the waste that comes out of our facilities.
  • We have minimized the electric consumption of our linen care operations.
  • We have multiple systems in place to ensure that our impact on the environment is minimized.

What It Means for Your Business

Our badge benefits not just us but you as well! It means that the garments and linens you entrust us with are maintained to ensure optimal cleanliness. Superior Linen Service guarantees you that your linens and garments are cared for with special consciousness and effort to leave as small and shallow of an imprint on the environment as possible.

The Superior Linen Promise

We at Superior Linen Service are not ones to rest on our laurels. With this new milestone, we promise to search for more ways to make our operations eco-friendly. Thank you for your support. We want to share this success with you! Together, we can work toward a more sustainable future.

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