Shortcomings of On-Premise Linen Laundry

  • August 31, 2021
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shortcomings of on-premise laundry

Worried about the shortcomings of on-premise linen laundry? They can cause a variety of issues that are nonexistent with a proper linen service. 

Here are Several Shortcomings of On-Premise Linen Laundry

There are many different issues that arise when using on-premise linen laundry. Here are three of the most common and costly. 

Machinery Maintenance

Although a common benefit of on-premise linen laundry is control, with it comes responsibility. When something breaks, it’s on the owner to fix it. This means your company spends unnecessary time and money trying to fix issues that would otherwise be covered by a reputable linen laundry service. In this scenario, owners not only need to pay for repairs and maintenance but for staff to perform those tasks.

Linen Costs

Machinery isn’t the only thing that will need regular maintenance and repairs. Linen is yet another item that takes a huge chunk out of the company budget without an affordable linen laundry service. If linens rip or tear beyond your staff’s ability to repair them, then they are not cheap to replace. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends against leaving laundry to employees, especially in a medical environment.


Leaving laundry up to employees is never a sure bet. Even the most thorough and caring staff members won’t be as effective at cleaning their laundry as a professional service and most don’t have the knowledge or experience to repair linens themselves. This means linens are of lower quality and won’t perform their functions as easily or efficiently. It also means that staff is less protected from the dangers of their jobs which leads to another can of worms about worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits, and the like.

Superior Linen Service is Your Best Bet for Avoiding These Shortcomings

You won’t stress about the shortcomings of on-premise linen laundry when working with Superior Linen Service!

  • There’s no need to worry whether or not machines work. It’s not your responsibility to maintain laundry machines if you don’t own them. Superior Linen Service has a team of experts always ensuring that our machinery is working properly. This gives our customers peace of mind and consistency they otherwise wouldn’t have. 
  • Linen repairs and replacements are on us. Our commercial laundry service closely monitors every item for rips, tears, and stains with advanced tracking technology. This ensures that we return everything to our clients as clean and usable as the day it was originally made. And all of that is on us!
  • We have a history of reliability. Since 1926, Superior Linen Service has led the industry in linen laundry service quality. We have remained this successful for so many decades because of our track record of quality laundry and maintenance. Our clients always have what they need to succeed which ensures the protection and high-performance levels of their own staff. 

Contact Superior Linen Service Today!

Superior Linen Service understands the shortcomings of on-premise linen laundry, which is why we’re so successful. Maintenance for both machinery and linens is our problem and you can trust us to take care of everything. And you can start today! Drop us a line at 253-383-2636 or fill out this form to request a free consultation and learn more about our service.

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