Stop wasting your time and energy on apron services that don’t quite deliver! Your business deserves the perfect combination of superior product selection and exceptional restaurant linen maintenance. Your business deserves nothing short of the best only from Superior Linen Service!

Superior Product Quality

Superior Linen Service boasts a range of aprons made especially for use in the restaurant industry! Our products have been placed under strict quality control standards to ensure only the best ones get delivered to your business:

Design Selection. We have a variety of apron styles available to choose from, including ones from front-of-the-house to back-to-the-house selections.

Superior Material and Construction. Our aprons are handpicked by the strictest standards for the quality of its material and its construction to ensure that they can withstand both the unique challenges of the commercial kitchen and the intensive washing cycles they are put through so you can make the most of your linens.  

Cleanliness Beyond Any Doubt. Superior Linen Service uses the unbeatable combination of laundry expertise and cutting-edge laundry technology to bring you unquestionable cleanliness – the kind that’s fit for your industry.

Superior Apron Services

More than just the restaurant linens, what you are truly getting from Superior Linen Service is convenience, peace of mind, and freedom from the daunting piles of filthy aprons:

On-time service. In business, time is money and we will not allow you to waste a single second waiting for our deliveries. We work closely and efficiently between processes in our operations to ensure that delays are avoided.

Straightforward billing and invoicing. Our service is designed to deliver no-frills solutions to restaurants in need of linen – and we approach billing and invoicing in the same way. Disputes over billing are costly and frustrating so we make sure to avoid that by making things easy, straightforward, and most of all, honest.

Tracking technology. We reinforce our billing and invoicing with the use of our ultra-modern RFID tracking technology to make sure that every item that goes in and out of our facilities is tracked. This not only makes billing accurate and easy, but it also helps prevent costly linen losses.

Friendly, dedicated personnel. Our company practices a customer-centered culture. Everyone you meet and engage with – from the drivers and route managers to the phone operators to the upper management – are ready and eager to give you the assistance that you need.

Experience the Superior way to do your aprons today!

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