Protect your employees from cold conditions with top-notch warm-up jackets only from Superior Linen!

High-Quality Warm-Up Medical Jackets 

Superior Linen has a wide range of jackets to choose from, in styles and selections to suit every brand – and an outstanding rental service to match:

Outstanding Appearance and Quality

No environment will be too cold for employees with our selection of warm-up jackets. The jackets come in a range of styles to suit your brand and are warm and comfortable for optimum cold-weather protection. We also offer uniform customization options!

Superior Durability

Our warm-up jackets are built to last with superior materials and expert craftsmanship. No winter is too harsh, and no workday is too hard with Superior Linen warm-up jackets.

Professional Maintenance

Superior Linen specializes in the care and maintenance of professional garments. With Superior Linen, you can expect your jackets to always be clean and presentable. We also take care of minor damages to the garments so your warm-up jackets can last many winters in the years to come.

The Uniform Service that Truly Satisfies

Superior Linen brings you 90 years of expert experience in linen and uniform service. We maintain the highest quality standards in our services and products, and especially in our customer care policies. At Superior Linen, we are united in a single goal: to make sure that each customer is completely satisfied with every delivery.

We consider ourselves only as good as our last service and hold ourselves accountable day in and day out. When the standards are that high, you can expect safety, competence, and the best results for your needs.

No matter how big or small the service you’re getting is, if it’s from Superior Linen, it’s excellent, satisfying, and truly made for your needs.

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