Clean hands can save lives! Invest in your healthcare essentials and reinforce protection against communicable diseases by enforcing a stronger hand hygiene culture. Superior Linen Service can help you with our sanitary products supply service.

Business Sanitary Products Offered by Superior Linen

Superior Linen Service offers a selection of high-quality hand hygiene essentials and more:

Hand Soaps

Reinforce a culture of hygiene in your facility by making sure your handwashing stations are fully stocked and accessible. Superior Linen Service delivers a regular supply of hand soaps that are as effective against germs as they are safe on skin, featuring a non-drying, non-irritating formula.


Keep microbes at bay with hand sanitizer from Superior Linen Service. You’ll never have to worry about supply shortages. Our deliveries are always on time and way ahead of crucial shortage levels.


Keep high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, and elevator buttons protected! Superior Linen Service’s hand soap and sanitizer dispensers are easy to install and replenish so you can equip every critical area with the power of proper hand hygiene.

No Shortcuts to Quality

You can’t cut corners on hygiene essentials. Not in a healthcare facility. Not in any commercial restroom. But keeping up with your supply needs does not need to be difficult, burdensome, or exorbitantly expensive.

Superior Linen Service keeps it easy. Our facility service ensures regular and on-time delivery of your commercial restroom essentials. We do all that without breaking the bank or taking you away from the more important matters of your operations.

Rest easy – Superior Linen Service has got your back. Sign up for your sanitary products supply service today.

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