In need of paper products of high quality and low rates? Well, search no further because that’s exactly what Superior Linen Service has to offer.

Top Product Choices

Businesses of all industries and sizes deserve hassle-free access to high-quality paper products – and Superior Linen Service has the perfect solution for you. We carry a large selection of different types of paper products, perfect for stocking up your restrooms, customer stations, office pantries, handwashing stations, and a variety of other areas in your business space:

  • Dinner Napkins
  • Tuff Tech: Towel in a Box
  • Center Pull Towels
  • Roll Towels
  • Multifold Towels
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Facial Tissue
  • Toilet Seat Covers

Why Work with Us?

Our facility services and paper products are not simply a matter of making sure your restrooms are fully stocked. More than the efficiency, what Superior Linen Service offers is peace of mind – knowing that you are giving your employees and clients the quality that they need, that you are not running the risk of embarrassing your facility and your brand with poorly-maintained restrooms, that you can focus on the bigger priorities for your business because the small essentials are taken care of.

Superior Linen Service offers your business a partnership, and you can trust that we will always have your back.

The Advantage of Superior Quality

Superior Linen Service has the unbeatable advantage of expertise and exemplary customer service. You can rest assured that every part of the service we deliver is done efficiently and excellently, always guaranteed to be carried out with nothing but your brand’s benefit in mind.

Superior Linen Service’s Premium Paper Products Are Your Best Bet

Superior Linen Service has your paper product needs covered. Give us a call at (253) 383-2636 or contact us here to learn more.