How to Select the Right Linen Service for Your Restaurant

  • May 12, 2017
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Hiring a linen provider is a great way to save your business money, time, and stress. Choosing a linen provider is an important choice to make, so research is necessary.

Here are some of the things to look for to see if a linen provider is right for you:

  • Certifications – There is no easier way to find out the quality of a linen provider than by checking their certifications. On a linen provider’s website, or through any other means of advertisement, a business is always proud to display their certification badges.
  • Service Areas – When deciding on a linen service provider, it is important to pick one that can easily deliver linens to your restaurant. A facility that services your business’ location is important so that there aren’t any issues with delivery, and you can receive your items on time, as expected.
  • Industries Serviced – Focusing on a linen provider’s industries serviced is important. Your restaurant will not go far if you hire a linen provider which focuses solely on medical and industrial businesses. Fortunately, Superior Linen & Apparel provides linens for not only medical facilities, but restaurants and industrial businesses as well.
  • Years of Experience – Focusing on how long a linen provider has been running can let you know how knowledgeable they are, the years of experience may describe how well the business works.
  • Testimonials – Taking a look at other business owners testimonials and reviews of the linen provider will let you know what it is really like partnering with the linen provider. Click here to see our testimonials page.

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