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  • August 12, 2022
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scrub service in tacoma

For scrub service in Tacoma, Superior Linen is the perfect provider. We offer high-quality scrubs that are cleaned thoroughly and uniformly supplied. Our thorough cleaning methods ensure that workers’ scrubs will be clean and ready to wear at the start of every shift.

Here’s what medical facilities in Tacoma have to gain through scrub service through Superior Linen.

Professional Scrub Service Requires Experience. Superior Has 90 Years of It

Experience especially matters when it comes to caring for items used in a medical setting. The materials, processes, and reliability of supplying them must be held to a high standard to ensure the safety of patients. Here’s why Superior Linen’s scrub service can be trusted to deliver:

High-Quality Apparel

Superior Linen is a family-owned business that has over 90 years of experience delivering high-quality linen and scrub services. We have built our reputation on delivering top-notch customer service and delivering quality products every day. Our supply is stocked by name-brand scrub apparel known and trusted by the industry.

We know what healthcare professional want from the scrubs they wear: comfort, cleanliness, and a professional look. Our scrub service provides all three!

Optimized Cleaning Methods

We use optimized cleaning methods that get scrubs clean and ready to wear. Our industrial-size machinery and streamlined processes ensure a consistent clean and timely delivery. We also launder them according to federal guidelines and conform to the highest industry standards.


Additonaly, we are HLAC Accredited for medical linen and uniform. Here’s what HLAC accreditation means.

Knowledgable Customer Service

Our team of scrub service experts are standing by to help with anything you need.  We can answer questions, provide quotes, and even help you choose the right scrub for your medical facility.

Accurate and Timely Delivery

You can count on us to deliver scrub uniforms when you need them. We understand the importance of having a consistent, reliable supply of scrubs. That’s why we offer scheduled deliveries when most convenient for you to best suit your needs.

Branding Control

Medical facilities that don’t use a scrub service and rely on employees to provide their own give up control of an effective branding method. If it’s important that your hospital be

Comfort Patient Concerns

How a medical team looks goes beyond branding effects. A professional-looking team benefits greatly in the patient’s belief that their care is in the right hands. According to a study conducted in 10 American academic hospitals, up to 53% of patients said that healthcare team attire was an important factor in their treatment experience.

When patients interact with workers wearing different scrubs with unique design, it dampens the perceived united front they want their healthcare providers to have when helping them. A scrub service provider will ensure that employee apparel is uniform in appearance and confidence-building always.

Contact Superior Linen for Tacoma’s Most Reliable Scrub Service

Superior Linen is the perfect provider for scrub service in Tacoma. We offer high-quality scrubs, experienced cleaning methods, and knowledgeable customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our scrub services and how we can help your medical facility!

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