What a Scrub Service Does for Your Facility

  • July 23, 2020
  • Healthcare
  • Superior Linen Services

The world is changing, and we must change with it. One of the things worth changing is improper management of medical uniforms. Medical uniforms leaving medical facilities without proper handling and containment is an aging, dangerous practice. The risks are too high.

Additionally, the perceived benefits of having medical personnel wash and store their own garments like scrubs are negligible.

This is why a professional scrub service is your best option for your healthcare facility. No matter how big or small your team of scrub users is, your facility could benefit from professional scrub services.

From cost control to convenience, the right linen service provider can benefit your facility beyond cleanliness.

The Cleaner and Safer Option

It’s no surprise or coincidence that the topmost reason you should consider switching to a scrub service provider is hygiene. It is, after all, the biggest and most important reason. Primarily, this service provides your facility with the strongest safeguards against cross-contamination through garments and textiles.

With a scrub provider, scrubs never leave your facility except in containment bags properly handled in a safe, properly sanitized vehicle. They go straight into a sanitary, medical laundry facility. On their way back to your facility, they are securely bagged and transported. This ensures they do not get into contact with anything or anyone until they get used. You won’t have to worry about possibly contaminated scrubs from taking public transportation. Additionally, it eliminates the dangers of washing with your employees’ uniforms with their family’s clothes. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about your employees picking up germs on the way to work and jeopardizing your sick and vulnerable patients.

Automatic Supply Prevents Shortages and Delays

Scrub services make sure that you will always have enough scrub suits to go about. Shortages of supply not only disrupts your flow and efficiency, but it also increases the risks of breaking hygiene protocols – especially on particularly busy days at your facility.

With high-quality scrub services, you have someone always staying on top of your scrubs’ availability, making sure there are no delays in pickups and deliveries, and ensuring mitigating measures to help prevent any shortage in unforeseen circumstances.

Better Options for Your Facility

Scrub services provide better product selections than most retail stores, especially in relation to price. Contrary to what naysayers would have you believe, professional scrub services actually provide better and higher-quality options because more durable products just make more sense than otherwise, for the client and the service provider both.

Most scrub services also come with customization options so you have the opportunity to create a better visual impact for your brand.

Reliable Scrub Services from Superior Linen Services

It goes without saying that these benefits are only possible with the right service partner. You need one that possesses the expertise and the experience to carry out this service in the best and highest-quality possible, one that safeguards your garments against losses and unnecessary costs, and one that has the reputation that backs up their claims.

You’ll need the satisfaction that can only come from Superior Linen Services! Want to know more about what we’re talking about? Call us today at (253) 383-2636 or drop us a line here.


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