How Quality Hotel Linens Improve Guest Experience

  • January 11, 2021
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Quality hotel linens

Will the hotel linens be quality? Will the room service be delicious? Do guests sleep well? There are many things that come to mind when it comes to the idea of a hotel stay. None, however, is more important than the quality of the hotel linens. Leisure and business travelers alike can agree on that. And this is not surprising. After all, 50% of hotel stays are spent in bed.

A 2014 survey by Gallup found that more than half of hotel guests are willing to pay extra for a better bed experience. The quality of the linens, the bed, and the pillows are major determining factors in sleep quality and overall guest experience.

Quality Hotel Linens Bring:

But what makes bed linens great? What qualities should your hotel linens possess to ensure a positive guest experience?


Good hotel linens are, primarily, comfortable. That’s not to say that they should necessarily have a higher thread count or be made of 100% cotton. A well-woven cotton blend can provide just as much comfort. Linens should not be scratchy or rough. They should be smooth against the skin, breathable, and suitable for normal temperatures. In short, comfortable bed linens do not leave their users up all night. Instead, they provide restful, uninterrupted sleep.


There is nothing more important than the cleanliness of your linens. It goes without saying that your linens should not have any visible stains and distinguishable odors. If anything, a neutral scent – nothing too strong as to become off-putting – is best. The last thing any guest wants is any stark reminder of the bed’s previous users.


It might not seem as important to guests, but linen durability matters just as much in a hotel’s guest experience. Your hotel linens should not have discernable issues on the seams or be fragile in appearance. Otherwise, your linens – and your hotel – may appear cheap and low quality.

The Right Fit

Ill-fitting sheets can be anything from too-small blankets to fitted sheets that slip out of the mattress. Instead of a good night’s rest, you’ll risk keeping your guests up all night trying to get their linens in place.

Improving Guest Experience with Hotel Linen Service

Improving the quality of your linens is attainable, but usually not without huge investments in equipment and inventory. That makes a hotel linen service your best and most cost-efficient solution. How exactly can a hotel linen service improve your linen quality?

  • Better quality linens. A good and reliable hotel linen service provider’s main job is to provide you with higher quality linens. The quality that would have cost you tens of thousands more from upfront purchase becomes more accessible through a rental program.
  • Cleaner linens. Hotel linen service ensures better, cleaner laundry results. Service providers have better equipment and a skilled team of experts just for that.
  • Protection against linen shortage. Hotel linen service also allows you the security of your supply. You won’t have to worry about shortages in your supply because they have the machinery for the volume that you need. Additionally, hotel linen service providers have massive quantities of linens at their disposal for emergencies and volume surges.

Superior Linen Has the Linens You Need

Superior Linen Service offers a wide range of high-quality hotel linens! We are also experts at top-notch hospitality laundry service. We offer superior product selections and even better, cleaner maintenance service.

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