Protecting Your Business with Floor Mats

  • October 24, 2016
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Floor mats are an important consideration for adding visual appeal and elements of safety to any establishment. Whether you are looking to protect your customers and staff from slipping or save your floors from damage, a new floor mat is exactly what your business needs.

A few mats that we have always recommended are our comfort series, and custom logo mats, which are specifically great for those looking to add branding to their business. We happily now have the opportunity to offer some new floor mats to our customers: the Wet Step and Waterhog Plus mats from Mountville Mills.

Though each floor mat performs well in a variety of settings, the Waterhog Plus and Wet Step do exceptionally well in spaces that see a lot of water, which as we all know, is very common in the Pacific Northwest. The Wet Step is ideal for gyms, locker rooms, and similar areas, and is resistant to grease and oil in addition to water. The anti-microbial and UV resistant treatments of this floor mat also make it great for use outdoors.

Floor Mats: Wet Step

We work with our friends at Mountville Mills to provide the best quality of floor mats to our customers.

The Waterhog Plus is fantastic for both indoor and outdoor entryways. It absorbs moisture quickly, and has a border that locks it in. Perfect for collecting excess water and helping to prevent falls. Both of these mats, as well as our comfort series, logo, and message mats come in a variety of sizes and color options to ensure that we always have a floor mats available to fit your needs.

Floor Mats: Waterhog Plus

We work with our friends at Mountville Mills to provide the best quality of floor mats to our customers.

All of our mats are simple to order, and will be delivered in a timely manner by one of our friendly Route Sales Representatives. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (253) 383-2636 if the floor of your business could use an upgrade in safety, protection, or appearance.

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