How Professional Scrub Service Benefits Medical Facilities

  • December 08, 2020
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professional scrub service

The idea of entrusting an integral part of your operations to a third-party company is daunting. Here’s what happens when you sign up with a professional scrub service provider.

Professional Scrub Service Provides Cleaner Scrubs

The smallest difference in quality and cleanliness in items, textiles, and garments greatly influences employee and patient experience. That is why both your employees and patients greatly benefit from professional scrub services. They provide better, cleaner results for your scrubs.

The main difference in results lies mainly in the facility. Professional scrub service providers have larger capacity facilities. These tried-and-tested, computerized methods make sure the temperature, detergent amount, wash cycles, and post-wash handling and storage efficiently rid scrubs of stains and pathogens.

Professional Scrub Service Ensures Safer Handling and Storage

Another integral part of scrub handling, and one of those areas where professional scrub service benefits medical facilities, is safer handling and storage.

Having employees take their used scrub suits home for handling is risky in more than one area. Although the incidence of contamination through garments is low, it is still a real possibility that puts employees, patients, and the public at risk. When employees take their scrub suits home for laundering, they also take along whatever pathogens their scrub suits have harbored during the course of their shift. Pathogens picked up at work spread wherever the employees go – public transport, stores, their cars, and their homes.

There is little evidence, either, to believe that domestic laundry products can match up to the results that professional equipment and facilities can bring.

There is also the issue with post-laundry handling; washed doesn’t always mean clean. The handling of garments after cleaning is just as important as the thoroughness of the cleaning procedure. Their exposure post-laundry, during storage and transportation, can also jeopardize their cleanliness. 

Keep Every Care Aspect Clean

In professional scrub service facilities, the operations are designed to minimize the amount of human contact with the scrubs and the risks of them getting contaminated. This is near impossible in a domestic laundry situation. The scrubs’ integrity is jeopardized the moment they leave the dryer.

With professional scrub services, everything is secured – from handling with clean gloves to being sealed and stored in secure packaging, to transporting in regularly sanitized vans. The only time they get exposed is when your employees wear them. That can make a world of difference in maintaining the safety of your garments.   

Improve Efficiency by Securing Supplies  

Having someone else take care of your garments is having someone else take all the burden that comes with it off of your back. This means no multi-tasking and putting excessive pressure on your management and workforce to secure your uniforms for the day.

Your employees feel less burdened and more relaxed when they no longer have to worry about having enough uniforms to last them the week. This will positively impact their productivity.

Superior Linen is the Medical Uniform Service You’ve Been Looking for

Let’s talk about what other possibilities a professional scrub service provider can bring to your facility and employees. We’re only one call away! Contact Superior Linen Service at (253) 383-2636 or send us your inquiries here


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