Professional Linen Service vs Amateur Service

  • November 22, 2021
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Professional Linen Service vs Amateur Service

Picking the right linen service is never easy, and there is good reason to pause before signing with a service. That service partner will be solely responsible for providing your business with the materials it needs to function. If they don’t show, provide low-grade materials, or deliver incorrect orders, your whole day gets a lot more complicated. Deciding that there are many things at stake – primarily your business. And making the wrong choice can hurt many areas of your business, not in the least – its reputation. The choices are plenty, although it almost always boils down to two things: professional linen service vs. amateur service.

The Key Differences Between Amateur and Professional Linen Service

Professional linen service is by far the better choice for your business needs. However, here’s a breakdown of all the reasons why you’re better off in the hands of a proven expert:

Quality Assurance

Linen service quality plays an important role in customer/patient satisfaction. Primary of these roles is the quality of the linens themselves. The efficiency of the service matters just as much. Partnering with an amateur linen service provider is taking a gamble on the quality of your linen service. Professional linen service providers know quality from every angle. 

Safety and Hygiene

Safety and hygiene compliance are two of the most important areas of linen care and management. They are an essential part of hospital infection control efforts and preventing the spread of food contamination. It takes experience and a higher level of professional expertise to combat these risks.

Supply Security

Linen loss is a billion-dollar problem in the healthcare industry alone. That does not even include the equally-prevalent linen loss issue in the hospitality industry! An inexperienced linen service provider cannot protect you from that. A professional one, on the other hand, has tracking systems in place to eliminate these risks.  

Professional Linen Service from Superior Linen Service

And if you’re looking for linen service in Washington, there’s only one name that surpasses them all: Superior Linen Service!

  • Unbeatable, 90-Year Experience. Superior Linen Service has over 9 decades and five generations of linen service experience! We have developed high levels of reliability and expertise throughout these years. You can trust that no part of our service is a guessing game.
  • Professionalism at Every Stage of Our Service. We have the best team of experts in the industry! Everyone at Superior Linen Service has all the skills, qualifications, and experience necessary to give you the most satisfying results.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions. There is nothing amateur, uncertain, or even generic about our services. We use proven techniques and the latest technology to ensure the best Washington linen service experience for our customers. We have taken it further by investing in our Superior Tracking technology to make sure that your linens are protected against costly losses.

Contact Superior Linen Service Today!

Nothing comes close to the convenience and satisfaction that a professional linen service provider can bring. For the most professional and the most dependable Washington linen service, trust only the proven expertise of Superior Linen Service!

Call us today at 253-383-2636 to get started or to learn more about the transformative power of our professional linen services. Start here with a free quote!

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