Mat Ownership Problems and How Superior Solves Them

  • May 19, 2021
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Mat Ownership

Mat ownership or mat rental? If you’re wondering which to go with then Superior Linen Service is able to provide a simple answer: mat rental is far better. 

So Why is Mat Rental Better Than Mat Ownership?

Mat ownership has many problems that don’t apply to a rental service and very few of the benefits. Here are are some examples of the convenience a rental service has over mat ownership:

Professional Maintenance

When you buy a mat, it belongs to you, not the company that provided it. That may sound convenient but it also means it’s your problem to fix should anything happen to it. Servicing it yourself also costs more money and your own valuable time.

Mat ownership is far inferior to mat rental in this regard. Not only is it cheaper, the professional maintenance of a decorated commercial laundry business like Superior Linen is already part of the rental agreement. Every item rented from us is washed to be as good as new with no hidden, extra fees for any repairs or replacements that may be required. 

Dedicated Service

Another negative aspect of mat ownership is the lack of support. Customer owned goods are the responsibility of the customer which means that any delivery, supply, or other urgent issues are not covered by anyone but them. 

A full-service mat rental company like Superior Linen is here when we’re needed. Our customers have constant access to a support hotline that can help with near any problem that arises. Shipment problems? We’ll work night and day to fix it. Need extra mats for extra mucky or snowy days? We’ll set them up quickly. No matter how pressing the need, a rental service like Superior Linen will always have its customer’s back where mat ownership services don’t. Our quality service has given us a very high customer satisfaction rate

Less Expenses

Something that seems like a contradiction is the idea that paying once upfront is more expensive than paying continually over time. This is no contradiction. Buying a mat upfront and installing it is not cheap and, as mentioned above, has next to zero included coverage. Maintaining floors is also a costly thing to do in-house. You’d have to buy the necessary equipment and fund employees for it. 

Superior Linen offers a rental service that will save lower expenses. We supply professional maintenance and dedicated service on top of coverage for everything else. As part of our rental agreement, we’ll install mats with no extra charge. There’s no need to worry about the floors because we’ll also clean them with our own equipment and manpower. 

Superior Linen Has the Mat Rental Service You Need

If you need mats but are looking to avoid the hassle of ownership, Superior Linen Service has you covered. For more information about our rental programs, call us at (253) 383-2636 or reach out here

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