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  • October 25, 2021
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Washington’s winter season is always tough on any business. It does not matter whether you’re in the hospitality or healthcare industry: the winter linen demand can take a toll on the business’ needs. Here’s the biggest problem with that: while your linen demands grow, your linen management capacity does not. At least not without spending a great deal of money to make it happen. There are many professional linen service benefits in winter that you can take advantage of.

Here Are Key Linen Service Benefits in Winter for Your Business

From stabilizing your supplies to giving you cleaner linens, the right linen service provider boosts your facility’s winter supply needs. Here’s how:

Zero Weather Interruptions on Your Linen Supply

Washington winters can be brutal on utilities. Power can go down in a snowstorm. Water pipes can burst. These interruptions can delay and derail your laundry processes and wreak havoc on the stability of your linen supply. Linen service lets you get past any power or water interruption unscathed. The right service provider should have the right equipment to deal with the effects of poor weather conditions.

Flexibility to Address Winter Linen Demand Surges, Especially in Healthcare

The winter season also sends a large number of people to the hospital. There are always increased cases of respiratory diseases and increased admissions for heart patients. Not to mention, risks for slip and fall-induced injuries are also highest during the winter months, no thanks to snow and sludge. And the right Washington linen service provider can help with these increased linen demands. With larger inventories and flexible rental programs, your linen supply remains stable even through peak admissions.

Guarantee of Cleaner Linen Handling During Peak Flu Season

Cases of the flu and other communicable respiratory diseases peak during the winter season. This means that the quality of your laundry and linen handling is more crucial than ever. But with demand surges and possible utility interruptions, keeping up with your facility’s needs is bound to be more challenging. That is why you need the help of a linen service expert. Through whatever internal situation your facility is in for the season, the quality of your linens remains consistent. Meeting both your customers’ expectations and standard requirements is also easier and hassle-free.

The Best Washington Linen Service Provider for the Winter Season and Beyond

Get your facility fully winter-ready with help from the best and most trusted linen service provider in Washington: Superior Linen Service!

With our unparalleled expertise and over 90 years in the industry, you can always expect superior solutions and superior results for your linen needs:

  • Flexible Linen Rental Programs. Superior Linen is the Washington linen service program that will be with you through your inventory fluctuation. Our linen service does not only guarantee an expansive selection of the highest quality healthcare and hospitality linens to choose from. We also have a highly qualified team who will work hand in hand with you. We’ll help you stay on top of your needs, and make sure to fulfill them exactly how you need things done.
  • Cost-Efficient, Budget-Friendly Linen Service. We have some of the most competitive service fees in the market today! With Superior Linen, you’ll never have to worry about having to spend too much on your linens. The costs are always fair, honest, and transparent. And because our linen service is comprehensive, you’ll never have to worry about utility and maintenance costs.

And with our Superior linen tracking technology, not only are your linens clean; they are also protected against linen loss!

Get Winter-Ready with Superior Linen Service!

Contact us today at 253-989-2636 to receive your linen service benefits in winter!

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