How Linen Rental Service Works

linen rental service

Hiring a third-party linen rental service provider is a huge risk to take for any business. It’s not surprising that managers find it difficult to let go of their in-house laundry facilities. This means giving up control of their linens and uniforms, which are easily some of the most expensive of inventories.

And for any company that’s looking to keep their costs down, hiring another company to do their linens seems counterintuitive. However, in the hands of the right linen service provider, your company can expect the benefits to outweigh all of these perceived risks.

How Service Providers Help You

Here are just a few of the pros:

  • Freedom from the cost of maintaining large-scale laundry equipment
  • Decrease in electric and water consumption bills
  • Freedom from the cost and management requirements of laundry service manpower
  • Linen and uniform results that observe the highest industry standards on cleanliness and product selection
  • Peace of mind from knowing that you’ll never run out of clean linens and uniforms

What your company needs is a service provider that has a depth in both expertise and experience in commercial linen service – one that has been around long enough to understand the impact linens have on businesses and how to do linens right.

Superior Linen Service has over ninety years of expert experience in the commercial linen industry, servicing companies of various sizes, needs, and from various industries with linen service that does not jeopardize quality, cost, or customer control.

How Superior’s Linen Rental Service Works

Superior’s linen rental service provides the convenience of a reliable service company with an extra level of confidence that can only come from a business partner.

Here’s how we do linens:

Free Analysis

Superior Linen Service understands that each business works differently, hence their needs vary as well. We begin our services with a free analysis to gather data on your linen and uniform inventory as well as your company’s usage patterns. This way, we begin on the right foot, knowing exactly how we can meet your needs.

Linen Rental Service Plan

Based on the result of our free consultation and analysis, we will craft a linen service plan that suits your company and will be the foundation of the services we deliver to you. This plan includes pickup and delivery dates, as well as the volume of linens/uniforms per delivery, among others.


You will then proceed to make customization plans for your uniforms and linens. This includes getting your employees’ measurements as well as crafting a uniform design that will suit the professional image you are gunning for.


When everything is settled, we’ll schedule your first delivery of 50% of your inventory. This will be followed by the second delivery of the remaining 50%, and subsequently, the pickup of your soiled linens/apparel to be delivered clean on your next delivery appointment.

Superior Tracking

Superior Linen Service tracks your items through bar code and RFID microchip technologies. These ensure that we keep a close eye on every item in your inventory that goes in and out of our facilities, eliminating the risks of linen losses and inaccuracies in billing. This useful technology can also help you better manage your linens by keeping track of your usage at any given time.

Superior Linen: Your Best Option

Hiring a linen rental service provider should not be an act of blind faith. When it comes to your commercial linens and uniforms, don’t take risks with companies of questionable reputation. Choose Superior Linen Service. We have the prestige to go with the experience of five generations. Superior Linen Service has everything to make your commercial linen and uniform needs quick, easy, and convenient. Experience excellence today. Contact us at 253-383-2636 to get started!

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