Keeping Employees Comfortable Post-COVID

Is your workplace ready for a full reopening? As vaccines roll out and cases steadily go down, life is slowly returning to pre-COVID normal. Returning to our old work situations is imminent.

The pandemic is far from over, however, and we are still living under a significant amount of risk. Reopening is difficult, but we know how to make it a little easier.

4 Ways to May Employees Comfortable After Covid

Along with following the guidelines from the CDC and OSHA, here are some ways you can keep your employees comfortable post-COVID:

1. Create a schedule that works for everybody.

Not everyone is excited about returning to the workplace. That is why it is important to consider this portion of your workforce. Create a schedule born out of collaborative planning. This is the best way to come to a solution that compromises neither the business nor the employees.

2. Make personal hygiene a priority.

Personal hygiene remains to be one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of any virus. This is a crucial element to your employees’ safety and comfort. The best way to encourage this at work is to equip your workplace with personal hygiene essentials.

This means making sure your employees have easy access to hand soaps and other supplies in restrooms and washrooms. It would also help to install hand sanitizer dispensers in high-touch areas. This includes entryways, elevator buttons, light switches, and shared equipment like copier machines.

3. Increase janitorial efforts.

Like personal hygiene, workspace cleanliness is essential in keeping your business safe and comfortable post-COVID. While the risk of contracting the virus through contact with contaminated surfaces is low, other viruses and bacteria are just as problematic as before. 

Aside from hygienic reasons, it boosts employee confidence in the safety of their workplace. Doing this means having to increase the frequency and intensity of your day-to-day cleaning schedule. It would also help to invest in better and safer ways to clean your janitorial tools (i.e., mops, cleaning towels, etc.).

4. Keep safety precautions in place.

While many restrictions have eased for vaccinated people, it is still important for many safety precautions to remain in place. This is especially important when you are in a very public space. After all, not everyone is eligible to get the vaccine and thus remain vulnerable. This might be the situation for some of your employees or for the people they live with. That is why it is important to still enforce precautions like social distancing and mask-wearing. Customer-facing areas in your business can also still benefit from barriers for added protection.

Your Employees are the Lifeblood of Your Business

Your business thrives, most of all, because of the hard work of your employees. Transform your post-COVID business space into a safe and comfortable place for them.

Superior Linen can help you do that. We offer a variety of facility supply services to keep your business safe and your employees comfortable. Contact us at (253) 383-2636 to learn more about what we can do to help your business.     


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