How To Improve Hygiene At Your Medical Facility

  • September 08, 2020
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medical facility hygiene improvement

Hygienic practices and materials at your hospital, clinic, or nursing home are vital to the healing process. For patients to get better as quickly as possible, cleanliness can’t be left to complacency. The following suggestions will help improve medical facility hygiene and achieve and maintain standard-setting hygienic practices.

Floor Mats Improve Medical Facility Hygiene

The environment outside your medical facility will do everything it can to get inside. That intrusion comes with bacteria and microbes looking for a place to call home. Don’t give them a chance to settle in. With floor mats placed strategically around your hospital or clinic, your practice will have a strong barrier from these would-be invaders. 

  • Capture the Bad: Placed outside, inside, or in both, entrance mats capture dirt and debris from ever coming into your practice. If consistently replaced, that captured dirt stays there until cleaned and sanitized by a professional, industry tested service. 
  • Safeguard your Employees and Patients: Hospitals and clinics are prone to messes. When something spills and nobody sees or does something about it, it becomes a hazard. Floor mats in the right places can safeguard high-traffic areas in your hospital or clinic. For example, they absorb the liquid and provide a secure, non-slip surface in any situation. 

Improve Medical Facility Hygiene With First-Rate Apparel

Looking and feeling good in what they’re wearing isn’t just important for your employees. Patients have little to do while healing other than evaluate their settings and the people who run them. If your staff wears cheap and easily stained scrubs or coats that don’t fit well or look comfortable, they might start questioning the quality of treatment they’re getting. 

Instead of cutting corners to lower the substantial costs of practice-owned scrub and coats, consider using a clothing and linen rental service already supplied with the medical clothing you need. 

Quality Linens 

An even more pressing and immediate concern of patients are the materials they’re constantly in contact with, and for good reason. The quality of lines in your practice shouldn’t suffer to keep costs low. A scratchy, uncomfortable bed sheet isn’t going to encourage the patient to rest or ensure  that they’re getting the best possible treatment. 

Hiring a time and industry tested provider of your linens, whose reputation and continued business hinges on providing the best possible and cleanest material, will be a source of comfort and assurance.

Clean Surgical Products

If there’s a time where the cleanliness and sterility of materials should have no question, its during surgery. The smallest contamination can turn the most ordinary procedure into a life-threatening situation. It’s imperative that your surgical clothing and linens are ready on time and fully sterilized. 

This is not a task to trust to any company without a proven track-record, accreditation, and commitment to consistent service. 

Proven, Timely Laundry Service

Your business needs a results-driven, customer-focused laundering company built on the foundation of exceptional service at all times. 

If finding consistent, quality medical apparel and linens have been a problem for you in the past, or if you’re looking for someone to take over the burden of medical clothing and linen management, call Superior Linen Service at 253-383-2636 or contact us here


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