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  • November 01, 2020
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improve customer experience linen service

Is it possible to improve customer experience by partnering with a linen service? Why, yes, of course! Hiring a third-party company for your linen management needs is a convenient solution to a problematic part of your business. Not only will linen service remove a big chore from your to-do list, it will also save money. 

But can these benefits translate to better experiences for your customers? The answer is a resounding yes! 

Here’s how:

Better Linens Improve Customer Experience

A customer complaint about linens being too good is unheard of. Good linens are always appreciated and contribute to a positive customer experience no matter what industry you’re in. High-quality linen service can help you achieve that.

The right linen service provider gives you access to the right quality of linens. No amount of cleaning and maintenance can turn a low-quality, scratchy, paper-thin linen into an impressive one. With rental service, your business can acquire better quality linens at the fraction of the cost of bulk buying linens of the same quality. These linens have a better texture and give a generally more comfortable feel.

The right service provider also takes care of your linen maintenance. Their professional expertise and experience, plus their superior equipment, are designed to give you the clean result that you require for your linens. And all that without you having to do more than chuck your used ones into the laundry basket – they will do the rest.

Clearer Focus on Customer Experience 

The convenience that linen service brings not only benefits you, but it indirectly benefits your customers, too! In-house laundry takes away more than just storage space from your facility. It eats away at your time, budget, and administrative capacities. After all, that would require hiring more personnel, creating a new department, etc. The extra responsibilities can affect how you carry out your other services – particularly the one that directly pertains to your customers.

One of the benefits of getting a linen service is freedom from that burden.

The right linen service provider allows you to focus on areas of your operation that matter – instead of, say, lowering the energy cost of your washing machine or hiring a guy to fix the dryer. Linen services also fix the burden of having to stabilize your own linen supply.

When you’re operating on a limited linen inventory, the pressure to keep up with the demands can be quite taxing. Your linen service provider will make sure there’s no risk of that. Someone else will keep up with your need for clean linen. Someone else will work extra hard to make the delivery. Additionally, someone else will pore over the stains and rips, the steaming and the folding, of your linens.

You and your team can focus on the customer and give them the best service experience.

The Superior Solution to Your Linen Service Needs

There’s no underestimating the power of the right linen service in transforming the way you do business. Contact your superior choice in linen service today to experience this transformation! Call Superior Linen Service at (253) 383-2636 to speak with our in-house consultants. 


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