How to Style Your Restaurant Tables

  • September 03, 2019
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There are countless ways to style your restaurant tables – where do you even begin?

Finding ways to dress up your dining tables can be quite daunting. A simple online search for ideas can yield an overwhelming number of themes and concepts. And with the advent of bolder design concepts and more adventurous diners, it can feel impossible to just settle on one way to dress up your restaurant tables.

Trends come and go, and keeping track can seem impossible, but there are ways to navigate the confounding world of table styling. 

Before you go all Martha Stewart on your restaurant tables, keep these tips in mind; they can help you narrow your options down and style your tables in a way that can weather the seasons and trends:

Simple, classic linens go a long, long way.

The simplest linens can make a world of difference to your restaurant’s overall aesthetic. You don’t need to keep up with the latest and most trending patterns and colors to get desirable results. Classic color pairings or simple, clean linens and embroidery provide an elegance that can work in any season and weather any passing trend.

Keep a cohesive look.

Pick linens and decor that compliment the overall look of your dining rooms. You can achieve this by mixing and matching colors, or incorporating little coordinated pieces into your table design. These can include themed votives, placemats, flower vases, etc.

Go easy on the centerpieces. 

Centerpieces are attractive but with lack of control, they can crowd your tables and annoy your patrons. Keep selections minimal, practical, and coherent with the rest of your aesthetic. You can also use functional decor. For instance, flower holders that double as number holders for your tables or stylish frames that display your specials.

Don’t go overboard.

Keep a balanced table. It can be tempting to utilize every available decor option for your tables, but this can backfire. Keep only the necessities. If you’re already using tablecloths and runners, skip the placemats.

Make cleanliness your top priority. 

Whether you’re taking a minimalist approach or looking to jump on the tablecloth train, it can be forgotten that cleanliness should be your top priority in styling your restaurant tables. Nothing is more off-putting on a restaurant table than visible stains or signs of wear and tear. To keep this from happening, make sure you invest in a top-notch maintenance and laundry service, especially if linens are involved.

Quality is what it all comes down to.

Should you decide to go for linens, make sure to use only superior quality restaurant linens. Better quality tablecloths and napkins are more durable than their cheaper counterparts, and the difference can be outright seen and felt. Yes, even by your diners! 

No amount of trendiness or style can disguise the low quality of inferior linens. No matter what look you’re going after for your table design, the quality of your linens should be non-negotiable, lest you run the risk of your tables looking unkempt and poorly maintained.

Interested in superior quality linens?

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