How to Create Restaurant Atmosphere

create restaurant atmosphere

When a restaurant owner creates an atmosphere in their restaurant, they’re giving it an identity. Any restaurant-goer would tell you that restaurant dining is more than just what goes onto their plates. Your restaurant’s atmosphere can enhance or ruin a dining experience. But how do you decide on the atmosphere of your restaurant?

Restaurant Atmosphere Creation Checklist

There are a couple of things that come into play when choosing your restaurant atmosphere. Here are three of the most important factors:

Narrow The Concept

Whether you go bold with the unusual and eccentric or play it safe with well-loved classics, the atmosphere of your restaurant should coincide and agree with your main concept. You can’t, for example, go for a pop concept and stick with neutral colors. Your lights can’t be soft and dim or your music proper and aged. Your restaurant’s atmosphere should not clash but instead, work with your restaurant’s theme.

Reflect the Cuisine

Though dining is a multisensory experience, you want your food to still take center stage. You don’t want your food to be overpowered by the embellishments, the aromas, and the noise, and sully the overall dining experience. Your atmosphere should complement your food, not drown it out.

Consider the Location

The location of your restaurant is one of the constant aspects of your restaurant. As it is, you cannot easily maneuver it to your will. That is why your restaurant’s atmosphere should work with your location. Do you play along with what your location provides you, as in the views and the general outside atmosphere? Or do you manipulate what you can to create something totally different? All of this comes into play when choosing your restaurant’s overall atmosphere.

Achieving Your Desired Atmosphere

Deciding the atmosphere is one thing; achieving it is another. When you decide how you want your restaurant to be, you have to make sure every other non-food element works towards achieving it:


Lighting sets the mood of the dining experience. But it’s also about practicality. Make sure it is neither too harsh to be uncomfortable nor too dark as to become a hazard. Numerous, smaller sources of light are a fun way to achieve your restaurant’s atmosphere ambitions. 


From your centerpieces to wall accents, your decor plays a vital role in the overall atmosphere of your restaurant. All decorations should work towards your theme or holiday. However, try not to overstimulate your customers and take their attention away from the food.


Restaurant diners are more likely to forgive a restaurant for mediocre food than for lack of cleanliness. Even the most well-planned concept and a flawless atmosphere can’t save a dirty restaurant. Make sure that your entire restaurant is consistently clean as much as possible.  


Like lighting, music plays an essential role in setting the tone and mood of your restaurant. Whatever type of music you play, make sure the volume is well-balanced and within the theme. It should not interfere with conversations or your operations or be uncomfortably loud. 

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