How Hotels Keep Their Sheets White

  • May 12, 2021
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how hotels keep sheets white

A hotel that keeps its sheets white is a hotel with a bright future. White sheets are synonymous with quality hotels, and it doesn’t take extensive traveling to understand why. White sheets are the standard hotel choice because they convey an image of purity and cleanliness. On the more pragmatic side, white sheets are easier to maintain. With no prints or patterns to worry about, employees can do the wash without fear of fading or bleeding.

That said, choosing white for hotel sheets is risky. They stain easily. Without the right linen care, the staining is permanent. A stained white hotel sheet is as good as a cleaning rag. In other words, that’s money down the drain.

Sheet Whitening Techniques Use By Hotels

When hotels keep sheets white, it’s no small feat. It requires a lot of consistent effort and some high-powered equipment to achieve. Here’s how:

1. They are diligent with spot-staining. 

When it comes to stains, a prompt response is the only effective response. It does not matter what the stain is. Letting stains dry on the fabric is asking for permanent trouble. Staining molecules don’t require too long a time to adhere to fabric fibers. That is why hotel linen experts have a few tricks up their sleeves for spot staining.

2. They use high-powered de-staining agents like bleach and hydrogen peroxide. 

White fabrics, as vulnerable as they are, are largely forgiving. Bleach and other types of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and oxalic acid can work their way onto stains without risk of fading or bleeding. That is why these agents are laundry room must-haves in hotels.

3. They use high-performance, industrial washing machines. 

One of the biggest and most important elements to achieving good laundry results is high-powered washing machines. Their cleaning capacity goes beyond the obvious mechanics. The hidden power is in the size. For fabrics to get a nice, thorough washing, you need enough room for agitation. That’s nearly impossible to achieve with large sheets in small home laundry machines. The combination of room for movement and high-velocity centrifuges allows maximum agitation that gets rid of staining dirt particles. Good dryers are essential for keeping hotel sheets white, too. Traces of moisture can leave unsightly, yellow water stains that ruin an immaculate white sheet. High-powered dryers ensure complete eradication of moisture, eliminating risks for stains and discoloration due to excess moisture.

4. They store the linens properly. 

Improper storage is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their white fabrics. It can expose the linens to elements that cause staining – dust, moisture, oxidation, etc.

Achieve Better Results with Your White Sheets

The good news is, keeping white sheets immaculate and spotless is completely possible. The less than good news, however, is – and as is obvious from what we’ve said above – it requires a lot of laundry muscle. It also requires a lot of money – for better storage, high-caliber laundry equipment, skilled laundry professionals, etc. Achieving perfect white sheets might be reserved only for big hotel chains with big money for an on-premise laundry.

That’s where the right hotel laundry service provider can help! The right service provider can give you all the benefits of top-caliber laundering for your hospitality linens without the burden of an on-premise laundry!

Hotel linen service providers get rid of laundry burdens and excessive costs, all while securing the stability of your linen supply. You can focus on putting heads on your beds, not on a mounting pile of laundry.

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