Holiday Decor Ideas for Business Entrances

  • December 07, 2018
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holiday decor ideas

The entrance of your business makes a huge first impression on a potential customer. And during this season, first impressions are everything.

You want to bring a smile to visitors’ faces, making them feel like they made the right decision walking into your business.

For cozy winter vibes and holiday decor ideas, consider adding these elements to your indoor and outdoor entrance:

Find ways to introduce greenery throughout your business entrance. This can include:

  • Hanging up welcoming wreaths. Nothing is more homey in the wintertime than a front door decked out in a beautiful and elegant, yet cozy wreath.
  • Adorning the front desk with a greenery table runner. Use a beautiful and lush greenery runner to greet guests at your front desk.
  • Dressing up your entrance with a real or reusable Christmas tree or small bottlebrush trees. If you choose to go larger than a bottlebrush-sized tree, make sure to decorate the tree with a tree skirt, ornaments and a tree topper. And make sure it looks tidy. If you purchase a real tree, consider that it may need trimming.

Include woodsy elements by:

  • Decorating with pinecones. Your business needs to strike a balance between greenery and the fact that it’s winter. If you focus solely on the color green, your business space may look more spring than winter. Pinecones are an excellent symbol for winter and will look beautiful next to your other holiday decor.
  • Making a log snowman. We’d love to say bring the snow indoors, but unfortunately your snowman just won’t last very long. This log alternative adds that comforting, country-store vibe that your customers will most likely love.

And make it even more festive by:

  • Hanging up twinkling string lights. A marketing hack for your business is to use your string lights in a way that highlights your business sign or other outdoor items. For example, as a restaurant, if you offer a look at your specials on a chalkboard outdoors, use string lights on that board to bring attention to your menu.
  • Offering candy canes in a jar at the front desk. Get into the spirit of giving by offering a small, free gift to each person that comes into your business. And you might as well make that gift a candy everyone associates with this time of year – candy canes!

Before you start hanging up those lights, building your log snowman, and weaving together that beautiful wreath, don’t forget to make sure that you are only acquiring quality items. Consider how these holiday decor ideas will hold up for the next holiday. Don’t splurge on a supply that will only have a short lifespan. Otherwise, you’ll only end up wasting time and money having to remake and purchase decorations every year.

A few simple holiday decor ideas that you can easily rely on are your floor mats, restaurant linens, and embroidered uniforms. And best of all, if well-maintained, these are things that you can use all year long!

See, it’s not just about putting up all of these beautiful decorations that are simply there for show. It’s about creating an experience for your customers. With the right floor mats and table linens, you can more easily keep your business space clean, because the focus will be less on how dirty your space is and more on how beautifully you’ve adorned it.

And that’s why you should get your business mat, linen and uniform supply from Superior Linen Service. We provide high-quality supplies on a consistent basis that are noticeably great. We also pick them up and launder them for you so that you don’t have to worry about whether your materials will last through the next winter season.

To learn more about how our services work, contact us today at 253-383-2636.

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