What Floor Mat Rental Can Do For Medical Facilities

  • August 18, 2020
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Does your medical facility need a floor mat rental service? What advantage can mat rental bring to your facility and how does it save you money long term?

Here’s what floor mat rental can bring to your medical facility:

Cleaner Floors

Floor mat rental services go beyond delivering better quality floor mats. They also offer the assurance of cleaner and more hygienic floor mats. Floors in hospitals and other medical facilities are some of the most dangerous surfaces anywhere. Naturally, the floor mats are just as dirty. Maybe even worse considering the dirt they scrape off of people’s shoes on a daily basis.

The right floor mat rental service provider will have the expertise and technology to properly clean and  disinfect floor mats. For medical purposes, proper maintenance is vital. Unless they have the training, equipment, and professional experience, in-house maintenance services and personnel can’t do the job well enough.

Safer Floors

Aside from the inherent quality of your floor mats, their quality – or at least the preservation of these qualities – are highly dependent on the quality of their upkeep. Proper, professional-grade cleaning does not simply remove soilage and microbes trapped on your floors; they get that done without compromising the mat’s high-traction capacity or causing its edges to curl.

In a medical or healthcare environment as in a busy hospital or a residential facility full of elderly residents of limited mobility, the risk of slipping and tripping are instantly higher than elsewhere. The last thing you want is for your poorly maintained floor mats to contribute to these risks instead of lowering them.

Cost Control

The biggest perceived disadvantage that many facilities have against mat rental services is the cost they incur, with the monthly dues and such. That can’t be farther from the truth. A medical facility that goes through more floor mats than most every other commercial or industrial facility can benefit greatly from the level of care, product quality, and cost efficiency that the right floor mat rental service provider can offer.

The Right Way to Get Mat Rentals

Mat rentals are only as beneficial as the quality of your mat rental service provider. What you need for your medical facility’s mat service provider is, among many things, an in-depth understanding of what goes on in a busy, high-stakes medical facility on a daily basis. Knowing this allows the service provider to figure out the kind of mat solutions required for your industry.

You’ll also need your mat rental provider to have a keen eye for mat quality, have the right kind of facility to carry out their cleaning and disinfecting services, and understand that your facility needs your mats clean and fast.

More importantly, your ideal mat rental service partner is one that has a proven track record in these areas, a dependability known within your locality, and an established name that is built on a foundation of trustworthy accomplishments.

Superior Linen Service has Your Medical Facility Covered!

You’ll need your mat rental services to come from one like Superior Linen Service! Talk to us today about your floor mat rental needs. Call us at  (253) 383-2636 or contact us here to get started. 


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