The Benefits of Uniform Embroidery

Uniform Embroidery

Recently, we have seen a big increase in customers adding value to their products with the addition of embroidery. If you have been contemplating uniform embroidery, or the embroidery of other products to your next order, there are a few benefits you should take into consideration.



Uniform embroidery lasts longer than screen prints and other methods, because it is stitched into the material. Stitching is shown to be more effective than other options, because washing and drying the product will not cause the embroidery to wear down or fall off.


Professional Appearance

 An item that is embroidered tends to look high quality and neat. It is important that most companies present themselves as a business that cares about looking professional.

Uniform Embroidery


Customer Service

The ability to see uniform embroidery with your company’s logo on it, especially when the employee’s name is also included, goes a long way with customers. The approachability of being able to call someone by name is something that most people enjoy.


Customized Uniform Embroidery

The possibility of colors and fonts is endless. Customers can personalize everything to fit their special order, making items look just how they pictured them. Embroidery is also a great way to show off the personality of a brand, so do not be afraid to add a little bit of fun to an embroidery order.


At Superior Linen, our embroidery is efficiently tailored to each customer’s needs. Our multiple machines also make it possible to embroider products quickly, so customers do not have to wait long after an order is placed. We can embroider company logos, employee names, and any other personalized touches a customer could want. If we can add a stitch of embroidery to your business, please do not hesitate to call us at (253)-383-2636, or click here to learn more.


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